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about us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to produce healthy, sound, elite fiber alpacas with show ringpresence, winning ability and production excellence!

is a cooperative effort of small farms to produce, show, and sell elite fiber and elite fiber alpacas.

are to honestly offer:
• Elite huacaya alpaca herdsires at Stud
• Top quality bred, and young females
• Outstanding herdsire potential males
• Quality fiber alpacas at reasonable prices with world class support, while expanding the cooperative efforts of friends and colleagues

Breeder's Bios
Shauna R. Brummet, Ph.D. and Jeffrey A. Skinner have been involved with showing and breeding outstanding animals for almost 25 years. We believe that the consistent production of high quality alpacas is an ART and a SCIENCE and we bring both to the game. A deep understanding of genetics, of conformation, and type as well as husbandry, training and showing skills are found at our farm.

Shauna has served 3 terms on the ARI Board. Prior to her first term, she was a consultant with ARI, and held the position of Chief Scientist during her tenure, including a year between her 2nd and 3rd term on the board. She is a also a past board member of ARF - the Alpaca Research Foundation.

Jeff served on the AOBA Board of Directors from 2004 – 2007, and stepped in from November 2008 thru May 2009 to fill a vacancy.

Why Should You Come to Hobby Horse Farm Alpacas?

If you’re an animal lover and have discovered the delight of alpacas, then you also have no doubt dreamed of being able to make a living or supplement your current income by putting that passion to work for you! Your growing alpaca business is supported by our 12+ years of success and desire to share what we have learned, growing not just a business, but also a network of friends along the way. Join our ever-widening circle of friends. Learn how to work a job you love and live the life you seek – our walk to the office is short and sweet! Buy with confidence How can you build the kind of herd that you desire? Since each breeding takes almost a year before you see fruits of your planning and expectations, make sure that your money and time are wisely spent. Build on our proven genetics, and enjoy knowing that you will be producing highly desired fiber characteristics – fineness and density on sound and healthy animals that you will be eager to showand proud to sell. The experience of showing, winning, and seeing your carefully bred young animals go on to new homes is fulfilling, profitable and a lot of fun!

Take the risk out of purchase

Are you struggling with how to choose the right alpacas – good foundation females or a herd sire that will increase the quality of your herd, and be in demand by others? It makes sense to start out with quality females and breed to high quality males. Will higher quality cost a little more? Not if you consider value. Your breeding program will gain momentum and put you literally years ahead if you begin with quality animals. Genetic improvements can take several generations. With so many unknown variables, take the risk out of purchase by starting with some known factors – Hobby Horse Alpacas are proven scientifically with fiber histograms and skin biopsies and in the show ring with hundreds of championships and even more blue ribbons (2005 Reserve Small Breeder of the Year). These are the yardsticks our industry uses – so come by the farm and start measuring! We are built on quality – Peruvian Winchester, Peruvian Black Epic, Peruvian Accoyo Legacy, Peruvian Accoyo Royal Fawn, Peruvian Accoyo Arctic, Peruvian Accoyo Grand Master, Peruvian Accoyo Felix, Peruvian Accoyo Titan, Peruvian Hemingway, Peruvian Bueno, Peruvian Leon, Peruvian Black Magic, Royal Peruvian Apollo, Peruvian Matador, Peruvian Alianza Iris, Peruvian Ajoyani are represented in our pedigrees!

Full industry commitment

We encourage you to get involved in the alpaca community as much as your schedule will permit. You will not only have fun, you will learn from a wide variety of people, and make friends that will last a lifetime! We volunteer in the National organizations, and are in the business to stay. We can help you be too!

How else can you benefit?

Friendly, manageable and well cared for animals
Our small farm and hands-on care means each animal is well socialized, confident and easy to handle.

Full 24/7 support
– Call us with any problems or questions. You may need help at a show, or want sound, qualified advice to help you decide on the best animals to suit your goals and your budget. Sometimes even a listening ear is helpful! Experience and Education Equals Knowledge Do you want a deeper understanding of genetics, EPDs and more? How about tips on how to handle your animals in the show ring? We’re eager to share what we’ve learned.Our formal education and careers in the life sciences and engineering provide a sound foundation for breeding healthy, quality animals and to developing sound husbandry and infrastructure practices. Come to our farm, meet us, and see our alpacas, pastures and facilities. It’s time to start living your dream!